Massage Clinics

Teaching Clinic Schedule

SIEAM interns provide bodywork therapy using either Chinese medical massage (tuina) or Japanese acupressure therapy (shiatsu).  Both techniques are good for relaxation and stimulating full body circulation, which is important in improving conditions where there is pain, tension, and injury.

Both tuina and shiatsu sessions are done fully clothed and in a community room setting.

1 hour and 15 minutes treatment:  $40 unless otherwise noted

Cash, Check, or Visa/Mastercard/Debit, paid at time of service.

  • Stephen Brown, L.Ac. – Shiatsu

    Stephen Brown, L.Ac. – Shiatsu

    Stephen Brown, L.Ac. was trained in Japan over 30 years ago at the Japan Central Acupuncture College and practices and teaches shiatsu, moxibustion and acupuncture. He specializes in gentle therapeutic approaches to treat pain and emotional concerns.

  • Joshua Lerner, L.Ac. – Tuina

    Joshua Lerner, L.Ac. – Tuina

    Josh Lerner, M.T.C.M., L.Ac. received a M.A. in Japanese Literature from the University of Wisconsin – Madison in 1994, and then graduated from the Northwest Institute of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in 2001.  A devoted martial artist since 1983, he also spent many years doing advanced study of tuina and orthopedic medicine with Tom Bisio and Frank Butler, as well as studying and teaching trigger point theory. In addition, he is certified in Matt Callison’s Sports Medicine Acupuncture system, and continues to expand his knowledge with a wide variety of continuing education classes in the assessment and treatment of orthopedic conditions. Josh supervises in the clinic and teaches tuina, qigong, trigger point theory, trauma medicine, and musculoskeletal therapeutics.